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Cycling in the news

Johan van Tol | Published on 1/4/2024

Strava's Year in Sport

Bicycling has a story about Strava data and what it says about cycling in 2023. Strava releases a year-end report with the trends for the year. One of the striking trends is that gravel cycling increased by a whopping 50% or so. 

Most cyclists know Strava. What you might not know is that Strava data are used by transportation planners to see where cyclists ride. Unlike the public Strava heatmaps, Strava Metro provides planners with precise data on the numbers of cyclists, at least the Strava using cyclists and what routes they prefer. In the UK 10% of the population is on Strava, providing great data. While Strava users are not quite the same population segment as all cyclists, they apparently are pretty close and the routes they choose are not a bad representation of the average cyclist. 

Anti-Cycling Headlines

DailyMailStaying with the Brits, has a story about the ridiculous Daily Mail headlines attacking cycling and cycling infra-structure. If you'd like some examples like "Precious, Moaning and Tetchy - Cyclists are the new women", please read this.
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