Throwback Thursday: The Next Generation (from Dec 2000)

By: Jack Tomassetti

I thought some CCC members would enjoy this quick blast from the past.  I’ve been doing some history research for this year’s upcoming 30th Annual Spaghetti 100 on November 9, 2013 and Jim Mann gave me some old CCC Newsletters to look at and I found some familiar names from back in 2000.  This particular article is about upcoming “Bicycle Champions”.  Even though I wasn’t around in Tallahassee, I have met 3 of these upcoming champions.  Zak Ball is still around Tallahassee and one of the quickest guys on a mountain bike I know.  David Guttenplan is now one of the top racers in the country, with his own team (AG Bikes/Guttenplan Coaching) and coaching program.  Beck Frydenborg, I met through collegiate racing where he went to school and graduated from UF and recently finished grad school at UGA.  I unfortunately have never met Chet Smith.  Anyways, I thought it was cool to see how these guys have progressed over 13 years.  Maybe they’ll comeback and make an appearance at Spaghetti 100!