Spectator’s Guide to the Seminole Cycling Classic

Not everyone has the top end fitness needed to race their bikes at high speeds, close quarters and then duke it out for the final sprint.  However, it is always fun to watch bike racing and others duke it out for glory and fame.  Here is a quick guide on the best way to watch the racing this weekend at the Seminole Cycling Classic

Saturday – Road Race & Time Trial
2488 Bassett Dairy Road, Monticello, Fl

Road Races are difficult to watch because you are typically standing in one part of the 13 mile race course.  My recommendation is to drive out and park at the start/finish area and ride your bicycle opposite the race.  This allows you to see the racers more frequently and also give you a good workout and idea of the difficulty of the race course.

When you get done with your ride, hangout at the finish line and watch ones of the sprint finishes while enjoying a burrito or rice bowl from the Mobi Food Truck (Tallahassee’s #1 Ranked Food Truck)  or coffee from Redeye Coffee.

There is only one way to watch the time trial, and that is at the turn around point.  This will be the slowest part of the race for the racers and will give you optimum time to heckle and cheer the racers.


Saturday – Dinner Party & Awards 6pm – 10pm
925 E. Washington Street, Monticello, FL

After the races on Saturday, you are welcome to join the racers for a buffet dinner at the beautiful Mays House B&B.  For $12 you will get to eat the amazing dinner that includes Salad, Yellow Rice Chicken Perlau, Smothered Fried Pork Loin with White Rice and Gravy, Green Beans, Assorted Breads and Butter, and Sour Cream Pound Cake for Dessert!  We will do podium awards at 8pm!

Sunday – Downtown Monticello Crit
Park Here at the School: 575 South Water Street, Monticello, FL

This is the most spectator friendly of the races going on this weekend, and definitely not one to miss out on!  Criterium races are a timed race around a 0.5 mile city block, which means you will get to see the racers just about every minute!

I recommend joining one of the following group rides out to the race:

  • City Starters with Bob Carruthers  – Meet at 9am at the Panera Bread at Blairstone/Park.  Get there in time to watch the Men’s A, and will stay for the Pro12 race.  Head back on TS Green.
  • Tri Group Ride –  (I saw this post but can’t find anymore, share it with me and I’ll post it here – jack@cccyclists.org)

And when you get out to Monticello, enjoy a nice lunch at one of the local restaurants such as Brickyard Eatery or Monticello Pizza Kitchen.

Don’t forget to print out the race schedule so you know what is going on: Click Here

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