Tallahassee World Championship

Tallahassee World Champion Riders

[image title=”” size=”” align=”right” lightbox=”true” group=”” link=”” width=”250″ height=”0″ autoHeight=”false” quality=”75″ frame=”false” link_class=”” underline=”false”]http://www.cccyclists.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/World-Champ-2012-Jersey-Final.png[/image] Are you a Tallahassee World Champion rider? The 100 mile Spaghetti 100 course has long been known to locals as the Tallahassee World Championship. Since 2012 we have “immortalized” four individuals with the strongest legs for the day with the ultimate prize… The mens and womens rider that completes the 100 mile route and the mens and womens rider that completes the Dirt metric route first will be dubbed the Tallahassee World Champion and will receive a special Tallahassee World Champion Jersey.

PLEASE NOTE: The Spaghetti 100 is not a race or a timed event. All prizes will be awarded based on the rider honor system.


The 2013 Champs!

2013 Champs