Route Available Online via Ride with GPS

You can see all our routes on Ride with GPS, you can print custom cue sheets or download garmin and .gpx tracks.  These are the most up to date maps we have and are updated each year.  Note maps are not 100% updated until two weeks before the event.


PDF Files of Spaghetti 100 Routes

These are our old .pdf maps.  They are mostly accurate but have not been updated in several years.

Spaghetti_dirt_62mi.pdf (2.7MB)

Spaghetti_dirt_40mi.pdf (2.2MB)

Spaghetti_road_100mi.pdf (4.3MB)

Spaghetti_road_68mi.pdf (3MB)

Spaghetti_Spaghetti_road_35mi.pdf (2.1MB)