Ride Groups

Capital City Cyclists Ride Groups

The Capital City Cyclists (CCC) has implemented a ride group system. Our thanks for the ride group concept and technical assistance goes to Roger Pierce of the Gainesville Cycling Club (GCC), who besides being their webmaster, handles their membership and newsletter, among other duties. Similar to the GCC, within our ride group system the group captain determines how the group operates, including where and when it meets, the speed and distance of the rides, how often the group stops, and how the group interacts during the rides. The group captain also acts as the spokesperson for the group, talking to prospective group members to give them a better idea of how the group operates. Groups may also have one or more ride leaders to manage a group when the captain is not available. Group membership is open to all CCC members. To join a group, log into the Member Area and click the "Join a Group" link on the member menu. For members and non-members, you can send an email message to the captain of any ride group by clicking the "Send Email" link next to the name of the captain. Below is a list of the 13 CCC ride groups. Scroll down to see all of them. Click the "More" link to see additional information about the group, and click the "Less" link to hide the additional information.

Group: City Starters

Total Members: 9 Captain: Robert Carruthers   Send Email Type of Group: Road Riders Speed: 18-22+ mph Distance: 50-80+ miles Warmer weather months, once a month, Sunday ride of A and B riders that want an in-town ride start, greater distance, steady pace, few rest stops and average speed around 20 mph. Cruising speed will increase downhill, decrease uphill and, because this not a race, will regroup if there is a split. If you ride hard on Saturday then consider this the recovery ride, think long and steady.

Group: Cycling Not Working

Total Members: 17 Captain: Steven Baird   Send Email Type of Group: Road Riders Speed: 15-18 mph Distance: 35-45 miles Rides start and finish from Havana, FL on Wednesdays and Calvary,
GA on Fridays. Other rider speeds are welcome, but bring a partner
to keep up with your speed. Havana start is the parking lot by the
police station at 121 East Seventh Avenue. Calvary stats on First
Avenue between GA-111 and Old 179 South.

Group: Holiday and Special Event

Total Members: 8 Captain: Hans Van Tol   Send Email Type of Group: Road Riders Speed: 12-20 mph Distance: 15-40 miles This Ride Group is a group for Special Events and Holiday Rides. Length and
speed vary, but there will be rides for everybody.

Group: Javateers

Total Members: 29 Captain: Marv Rubenstein   Send Email Type of Group: Road Riders Speed: 9-11 mph Distance: 12-25 miles This is a long-standing social group generally comprised of retirees and part-time workers. The group was originated by CCC members Dave Stotts, who knows the best traffic-free routes to anywhere in town, and Jim Mann. We always meet at either the upper or lower bench on the Goose Pond Trail between Hermitage Blvd. and Potts Rd. every other Thursday. Due to the hilly nature and occasional longer length of our city rides, this may not be the group for a beginner.

Group: Meals on 2Wheels

Total Members: 10 Captain: Chris Lacher   Send Email Type of Group: Interest Riders Speed: 10-12 mph Distance: 10 + miles Meals on 2 Wheels uses a bike platoon to deliver meals to elderly or disabled folks. Meals on (4) Wheels is sponsored by Elder Care Services (ECS), a non-profit group. Delivery of meals by bicycle is a concept originated as a CCC Ride Group and has been active for more than three years, having delivered thousands of meals by bicycle in the Tallahassee area. Meals on 2Wheels has been sanctioned by ECS. (Click "More" below for more details on how it works.)

Group: Ride Tallahassee

Total Members: 5 Captain: Karen Loewen   Send Email Type of Group: Rail-Trail Riders Speed: 5-20 mph Distance: 5-25 miles This is a riding group for commuters and folks who want to ride around town - We're Cyclists with a purpose!

And the purpose of the group is to be seen around town on bicycles doing every day things going every day places. Riding with a destination in mind! We will do group rides that stretch across Tallahassee with stops all over. If you enjoy doing the First Friday Gallery Hop, you'll love it even more on a bike.

Group: Road Kill

Total Members: 7 Captain: Tom Gillis   Send Email Type of Group: Road Riders Speed: 22+ mph Distance: 30-46 miles These rides are designed to prepare participants for road racing events. A high level of fitness and skill are required.

Group: Saturday Classic Chaires

Total Members: 21 Captain: Ken Brummel-Smith   Send Email Type of Group: Road Riders Speed: 15-17 mph Distance: 30 miles This is the classic Saturday morning Chaires ride, starting at the Chaires Community Center, but a shorter distance and slower pace that the Roadkill group. We'll follow the time changes so we start at different times than them to keep it straight.

Group: Smooth as Dirt

Total Members: 7 Captain: Robert Carruthers   Send Email Type of Group: Off-Road Riders Speed: No Limit mph Distance: ???? miles Seasonal, cool weather months, mostly weekend day trips out of town, within a couple hours drive, carpool or meet at ride start ( Anderson Springs, White Springs, San Felasco, Santos, Lake Talquin, St. Marks Wildlife Refuge). Occasional local ride too, long urban rides where we ride from one ride area to another ride ride area (I.e. Tom Brown to Red Bug) and non-technical clay/dirt road rides like Spaghetti DIRT.

Group: Social Ride Group

Total Members: 23 Captain: Dick Rogers   Send Email Type of Group: Rail-Trail Riders Speed: 10-19 mph Distance: 8-32 miles

The Tallahassee Social Ride Group hosts social rides of several types,
presently, a monthly Beginner E Ride (<12 mph), a monthly D Ride (12-14 mph)
and a weekly Friday Night Social Ride .

Relaxed after-work Friday social ride on the St. Marks Bike Trail,
frequently followed by dinner at a local restaurant. Riders of all
abilities welcome.

Group: Sunday Classics

Total Members: 49 Captain: Ken Schilling   Send Email Type of Group: Road Riders Speed: 16-18 mph Distance: 30+ miles (Revised 6/28/11.) Ride the CCC Classics at the CCC classic time - Sunday morning. First Sunday of the month we will do Brueggers. Most other Sundays we will organize a different classic club ride. Ride speed will be what might be called "tempo": We will ride at a workout level, not a relaxed level, much like the B-C groups under the old system. Must have some group ride skills and be open to improvement, both skill and conditioning. See the CCC Ride Calendar for details.

Group: Vagabonds

Total Members: 18 Captain: Jim Mann   Send Email Type of Group: Road Riders Speed: 10-15 mph Distance: 40-70 miles A touring group that will put together both self-contained (camping) and light touring (motels) trips. The pace will be moderate with the idea of keeping the group together. Most trips will last 3 days but some could extend to a week or more. Most trips will occur during the spring or fall. Call ride leader to learn about equipment needed for bicycle touring. Members will get together from time to time to talk about future trips and exchange touring information.

Group: Wait, Wait Don't Drop Me!

Total Members: 36 Captain: Michael Robertson   Send Email Type of Group: Road and Off-Road Riders Speed: 18-20 mph mph Distance: 30-40 miles Wednesdays @ 5:30 from Chaires. Riders must have experience riding in pacelines
averaging 18-20 mph. Watch for weekly e-mails.