New Capital City Cyclists Logo! New Jerseys Coming Soon…

Hello fellow cyclists!
I am happy to announce that Capital City Cyclists has adopted a new club logo!
The new logo was designed to give the club a more open and professional feel as we continue to grow our membership base and our non-profit services. Specifically we wanted a logo that represented the following key items:

  1. that we are clearly bicycles – even at a glance,
  2. that we are open to all types of cyclists, and
  3. that showed our non-profit focus of getting kids on bikes.

The various renderings of the same logo are displayed at the end of this post to show how it will be used depending on the media (i.e. you would not put the same graphic on a polo shirt as a jersey). A big thanks to Cliff Leonard for creating the design!
Now that we have a new logo new club jersey are coming soon! Please contact club president Zach Finn ( for details and for sizing requests.

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