National Bike Challenge Starting May 1st

2013 National Bike Challenge Banner

Also this year the Leaque of American Bicyclists and Kimberley Clark are hostiing the National Bike Challenge, a fun program to get more people on the bike for both recreation and transportation. And as we would like to get more people peddling around Tallahassee, the Capital City Cyclists also have set up their own local website within the challenge. There are nice prices to win, and its great to see how you and your workplace or team is doing with respect to the rest of Tallahassee and the rest of the country. Just go to and sign up.

The challenge runs from May to the end of September, and each month there are prices to win. The rules are simple, 20 point for each day you ride, and one point for each mile you ride. You can log your miles manually, or use your smartphone or Garmin GPS device to upload your rides. While all rides count towards points, miles, and calories burnt, miles you ride instead or using your car for transportation count towards dollars and CO2 saved. The Endomondo sports community is hosting the challenge on their website.

Those that participated last year had great fun with the challenge. Give it a try yourself and spread the word among you colleagues and friends! Go to and sign up!