Leon County Helmet Certification Class – 9/30

What:  Become a Certified Helmet Fitter – Learn how to properly select and fit bike helmets, and teach bicycle helmet safety education to increase use and reduce bicycle related injury.

When: Monday, September 30th from 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Where: Florida Department of Transportation, Basement Conference Room, 605 Suwanee Street, Tallahassee, FL

Why:  According to Brain Injury Association, bicycle helmets are 88% effective in preventing serious brain injury. Yet fewer than half of the bicycle riders wear one, and teens almost never do. Reasons among infrequent and recreational cyclists for not wearing helmets include lack of social acceptability and belief that they are uncomfortably hot to wear in the summer. Experienced riders, particularly adults, cite their superior bicycling skill as one reason, among others, for not wearing helmets. Research has shown that comprehensive programs — provide helmets at a discount, teach the importance of their use, and include helmet use laws — are most likely to result in increased helmet usage.

  • Every dollar spent on a bike helmet saves society $30
  • Bicycle helmet safety education can increase helmet use and reduce bicycle-related deaths and injury
  • Learn how to properly select and fit bike helmets
  • Become a certified Bike Helmet Fitter, and make a difference

Register: E-Mail Sarita Taylor at sarita.taylor@dot.state.fl.us