Lance Armstrong to participate in TOSRV – April Fools

Capital City Cyclists is proud to announce that former 7-time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong will be participating at this year’s TOSRV on April 20-21, 2013.  Since being banned from racing over a year ago, Armstrong has gone on tour to participate in as many charity rides as possible to show folks that he is the best cyclists ever.

“There are Strava segments and KOMS everywhere, and someone has to be #1,” stated Armstrong, “doing all these organized rides are a great way to knock out a lot of strava segments.”

Tour director and long-time Armstrong fan, Paul McManus was very influential in bringing Armstrong to TOSRV.  “I kept getting these phone calls from this Paul dude,” explained Armstrong, “I finally answered and he started babbling on about how much fun TOSRV would be and that it including all your meals for the ride, rest stops, t-shirts and free camping in Chehaw Park with alpacas.”

What really swayed Armstrong’s decision to participate in TOSRV is all the great things Capital City Cyclists is doing with the Kids on Bikes program to encourage and growing cycling among the youth.  “Cycling is a life long passion of mine, the future of cycling is in our youth, and it is great to see a community do so much to help kids find the joy in cycling,” stated Armstrong, “I can’t wait to do my part and do the TOSRV ride.”


Be sure to join Lance Armstrong and Capital City Cyclists on April 20-21st for TOSRV.  For more information go to