Elementary Education

Our Elementary Education Program

Our agreement with Leon County Schools allows us to teach bicycle education to thousands of 3rd, 4th & 5th grade kids each school year. We provide equipment and resources to teachers trained in the Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program. Teacher training is free and provided several times during the year.  Visit the FTBSEP website for a schedule of classes.

Become a Kids on Bikes Intern!

Our Bicycle Educator Internship program provides a hands on management and teaching opportunity.  The intent of the program is to educate 3rd, 4th & 5th grade children on the safe and proper operation of their bicycles.

  • Become Trained as a bicycle Educator (Free 8 hour class)
  • Work directly with Elementary School PE Teachers
  • Both paid and non-paid internships available as Bicycle Educator
  • Main Responsibilities include:
    • Assisting with Class Management and Setting Up of Teaching Area
    • Student Instruction and Evaluation

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How Our Elementary School Program Works

In order to participate in the program a teacher must have completed the 8 hour teacher training provided by the FTBSEP.

We provide equipment and staff:

  1. A trailer to store bikes and equipment
  2. Enough bikes and helmets for 30 kids
  3. Signs, Cones, training manual and other equipment
  4. A trained Intern to assist with set up and teaching the program

Each school teaches the curriculum for one month

The FTBSEP currriculum is taught as part of the regular PE classes.  At the beginning of each month the trailer is moved to a different school so the  curriculum can be taught.  We also provide a trained intern to assist teachers with the program.  Currently we are working with 14 Leon County elementary schools.  To date the program has helped teach bike safety to more than 4000 children in Leon County.

How the Kids On Bikes Program Started

Through the work and dedication of Ken Foster and Bicycle Tallahassee, the Capital City Cyclists Kids on Bikes Program has been created in our community to support the FTBSEP Elementary Education curriculum. Our agreement with Leon County Schools allows us to teach bicycle education to thousands of 3rd, 4th & 5th grade kids each school year. Additionally, our agreement with the City of Tallahassee, through the Bikes in Parks program, allows us to inspire a sense of adventure and exploration for kids and their families while converting what the kids have learned in school into real world experiences.

Kids On Bikes Internship Details

Responsibilities: The Bicycle Educators work directly with the Kids on Bikes Director and Leon County School system elementary school physical education teachers to implement the Florida Traffic and Bicycle Education Program, using the Elementary Traffic Education Guide. The curriculum is designed by the University of Florida through a grant from the Florida Department of Transportation.


  1. Completion of an eight hour Instructors Certification Class is required and provided at no cost.  The first month of instruction is spent working with a veteran Leon County Teacher learning the practical application of the Certification Class.
  2. Assist the program director with implementation of the course curriculum.
  3. Participate in at least 1 Trips for Kids Ride (another program under Kids on Bikes)
  4. Participation in weekend events, not to exceed 2 per semester, events focus on cycling, health and kids’ activities

Work Hours: 3 to 5 hours daily between 8am and 3pm, varies depending on school and whether internship is paid or unpaid.
Heavy lifting is required, Bicycle Educator interns should have the ability to lift child and adult size bicycles from the ground to a hook storage system. Bikes weigh approximately 25lbs.

Classes are taught in an outside environment. Bicycle Educators will be required to work for one to three hours while standing in various weather conditions. Breaks are provided. Working weather guidelines are set by the Leon County Schools based on temperature and rain conditions suitable to elementary school students.

Intern must have reliable transportation to and from Leon County Schools, carpooling and commuting by bicycle are encouraged.

Interns may be required to have a background check and follow Leon County School policies for entering and exiting school grounds.  Appropriate attire as determined by Leon County School’s dress code is required.


Testimonials from Previous Interns:

Neely Pic“Being apart of the Kids on Bikes program has open my eyes to all of the different communities of Tallahassee. I have had many great experiences not only teaching the safety aspects of being a cyclist in Tallahassee but also teaching the mechanics of bikes and showing students as well as staff how independent and self-sufficient riding a bike can be. Riding my bike everyday to these schools has not only increase my health and physical abilities but has allowed me to show to the kids and teachers the real life importance of the Safety skills that we are teaching. But my greatest joy of all in the past year has been the all around happiness shared by every student at every school when their teacher announces that they will be riding bikes that day. “

Neely Williams


“My name is Luke, and I used to be an intern for Kids on Bikes. I truly enjoyed my experiences with the kids, and working through the elementary schools. The kids were fun, and it was a great insight into the communities around me. The point of the internship was to teach kids about riding bikes and being safe on the road.

The internship was a great way for me to stand out to employers when they ask about previous experiences. This program shows responsibility for the community, as well as responsibility for the children.  The program makes excellent connections in the schools themselves. It is an easy approach to learning about the society of teachers and students, and making connections to use after the internship is over. “

Luke Brumback


If you are interested in the internship, please send a cover letter, resume, and availability  to:

Hans van Tol (hans@cccyclists.org)