Kids on Bikes

The Capital City Cyclists Kids on Bikes program provides educational opportunities for kids to learn cycling skills, bike safety concepts and awareness of how biking positively impacts their health, environment and lifestyle. If you have any questions about the Kids on Bikes Program please contact Hans van Tol (
Currently Kids on Bikes has 3 components:

 Teaching Bike Safety in Local Elementary Schools

We provide bikes, helmets and interns to assist teachers in teaching the Florida Traffic Safety and Bicycle Education Program (FTBSEP). To date the Program has helped teach bike safety to more than 4000 children in Leon County.

We currently work with teachers in 14 Leon County Elementary Schools.  We have a trailer with enough bikes, helmets and equipment for a class of 30 children.  Each month the trailer is moved to a new school so they can teach the FTBSEP curriculum as part of their regular PE classes.  The curriculum last for one month, at the end of which the kids go on a supervised bike ride together.

Read more about our Elementary Education program: Click  Here.


Trips for Kids

Trip for Kids is a national organization based in Marin County California, founded by Marilyn Price in 1988.  Capital City Cyclists started a Trips for Kids chapter in 2011. The goal of Trips for Kids Tallahassee if provide the opportunity for at risk youth to enjoy riding our local trails and increase their awareness of how biking positively impacts their health, environment and lifestyle.

  1. From April to September we host weekly mountain bike rides, rides are supervised by adults, 1 Adult for every 3 children.
  2. Currently we are working with Boys and Girls Club and Boys Town
  3. Rides are on Thursday Evenings and Saturday Mornings
Read more about our Trip for Kids Program Click Here.


Kidical Mass

Kidical Mass is a legal, safe and fun bike ride for kids and their families. The purpose of the ride is to provide a safe environment for kids and their parents to learn and practice safety skills while also creating awareness of the growing number of cyclists, including children, and supporting their right to use of the road, hence the slogan “Kids are traffic too!”

Read more about Kidical Mass: Click Here. 


Our Values

  • We use healthy, physical, cycling activities to provide opportunities for success while fighting childhood obesity and inactivity.
  • Our activities establish life long habits, teach leadership skills and instill a sense of adventure & exploration.
  • Our programs foster a love of the outdoors.
  • Our educational workshops build self-reliance, safety awareness, problem-solving skills, camaraderie, and community.
  • We lead by example.

2012 Share the Road Mini Grant Recipient

Capital City Cyclists was the receipt in 2012 of the Share the Road matching mini grant of $5000 to help teach the Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program to Leon County Elementary Schools.  This grant is funded by the sales of the Share the Road speciality license plates.  Help support bicycle education and advocacy programs today and purchase your ‘Share the Road’ license plate today.