July 15: CCC Bastille Day Ride(s) and Picnic

Saturday July 15th Capital City Cyclists celebrates the summer and Bastille Day with rides for all and a picnic.

It all will take place at the Wakulla Station along the St Marks trail from 8 to noon.

The schedule:

Rides start at 8:00 am.

    –   Water and Gatorade will be available.

 Suggested routes are:

   –  Wakulla Station to St Mark’s Lighthouse  (About 32 miles round trip.) or a route using the Natural Bridge Rd to the 59 (36 miles).

   –  Wakulla Station to the town of St Marks. (About 14 miles)

   –  Family rides on the St Mark’s trail. (Distance determined by family riders.)

   –  Off road rides at the Munson Hills Trail about 7 miles north of the Wakulla Station trailhead.


Post ride light fare starts at 10:00 am.

   –  The club is providing light summer snacks and cold drinks.

   –  Please bring your favorite summer brunch items to share.


In addition to access to the St Mark’s Trail, the Wakulla Station trailhead contains an excellent children’s playground. Members are encouraged to bring their families.  Children’s bicycles and tricycles are very welcome. If you have questions, please contact Garry Breedlove at biscuits_glb@yahoo.com