January 2012 Presidents Paceline

I owe a lot to cycling: my first job was at a local bicycle shop; MTB racing taught me discipline and hard work; exploring off-road trails has brought me lifelong friendships;  commuting and road riding has provided me a healthy lifestyle; and now riding with my three boys brings my family together.  Cycling has greatly benefited my life and I am honored to have been elected to take a turn at the front of the paceline and give back to the culture, the community, and the machine that has been there for me over the last two decades.

Tallahassee has an amazingly rich cycling community!  For example: we have one of the best off-road trail systems in the nation; we have beautiful canopy roads that are a joy to ride; we have a largely unknown racing heritage (From the days of 10 speed drive and Team Jamis to Team Type1 today); and we have a city/county planning department that appreciates cyclists.  Are we the perfect bike city – of course not… But, we are one of the great places to live if you love to ride!

So what are my goals for the club? Well, simply put I want to see Capital City Cyclists as an organization that says “Let us help you find your place in Tallahassee’s cycling community”. I want to grow our already deep roots stronger while we branch out to expand. In other words I think it is important to pay tribute to our heritage while introducing cycling to a new generation. It has been my experience that goals are only met when you have specific tasks; so for 2012 I think we can complete the following:

  • Introduce a new website as a “fresh face” for the club – A big thanks to Marv for sharing his knowledge and I hope you like the new look.
  • 501(c)3 status to position the club to better receive charitable donations and/or grants.
  • Complete a successful TOSRV 2012 with 250 riders and begin TOSRV 2013 prep by 3rd quarter this year.
  • Increase membership to over 400 members by using an easy-to-complete on-line registration process and a focused recruitment effort.
  • Closer integration with Bicycle Tallahassee as the Capital City Cyclists Kids on Bikes Elementary Education program.
  • Stronger relationships with our fellow community cycling clubs including Tallahassee Mountain Bike Association (TMBA), Gulf Coast Velo, FSU Cycling, and GulfWinds Triathletes.
  • Continuing to foster a strong bicycle advocacy committee that works with city/county planners with a focus on: 1) commuting bike routes, 2)bicycle/car education, and 3)a PR campaign through blogging/social media and articles in the newspaper to show bicycling as a positive everyday activity.
  • A successful Spaghetti 100 by having 350 riders and obtaining corporate sponsers through promoting the success of the Kids on Bikes program.
  • Show, anyone willing to listen, how FUN it is to ride a bicycle!

I also wanted to thank all the individuals that have done so much over the years to improve cycling in our community. Without their hard work and dedication we would not have the wonderful cycling community we all enjoy!

Please reach out and share your ideas on what’s good, what’s bad, and how we can continue to have fun on bicycles!

Zach Finn
Capital City Cyclists President 2012