How to Win the Tallahassee World Championship


By: Donny Authore

What will it take to become Tallahassee World Champion at this year’s Spaghetti 100? Maybe the winner will emerge from an early breakaway or possibly a late solo attack, or perhaps a sprint finish will rule the day. Even though it’s hard to predict, some key strategies can ensure that you will have a great finish.

First of all, sign up now — you cannot  win it unless you are in it.

Second, ride your bike! It is amazing how much a few sufferfests can improve your fitness.

Third, adding some hills to your training in the next couple of weeks would certainly be worthwhile — Spaghetti 100 features an awesome route on some of north Florida’s finest roads for cycling, with no shortage of hills.

Finally, rest and eat! In the 3-4 days leading into the ride, forgo the heavy workouts and eat a bit more than usual.

Ride day: Winning will certainly take some serious power at a few key moments. The good news for many of us is that cycling is as much about brains as brawn, so if you’re ready to roll it could be you who pulls on the rainbow jersey. Despite all the uncertainties about possible outcomes, in most cycling events the smart money is on a “critical point” lasting 5-10 minutes that will separate the true challengers from everyone else. Once the lead group is established, the real battle for Tally supremacy will begin with lots of attacks and counter moves.

In the end, the victors that emerge will be King and Queen. The best part of the day, as always, is the fun times with friends and fellow cyclists at a great event like the Spaghetti 100. But there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, with bragging rights on the line.


Donny Authore is the 2012 Tallahassee World Champion in the 100 mile route for the Spaghetti 100.  He won last year from a dwindling peloton and broke away with local Scot Benton.  In the last 10 miles he dropped his breakaway opponent and solo’d to the finish.  When Donny isn’t wearing the rainbow stripes of the Tallahassee World Champion around town on his bicycle, he can be found doing research and teaching students at Florida State University’s College of Business.