Hang Tough Hayley Hart team

Dear Cyclists,
I recently had the opportunity to join many of you on the TOSRV South event as your medic for the ride.  What an event and props to those in charge of putting it together.  I thought the event was a blast and hope each of you did as well.  Fortunately, for all parties involved, my services were minimally required.  In meeting and chatting with a few of you I made mention of my affiliation with Team HTHH, a four man relay team competing in the Race Across America otherwise known as RAAM.  Two years ago, our team competed in the Race Across the West, the first 866 miles of RAAM.  We attacked this challenge in honor of Hayley Hart, a young Tallahassee girl who has been successful in her battle with Leukemia.  In this race, our first major competition, we not only completed the ride successfully, but we also set the record for a four man team in this race.  To view more information about the race itself please visitwww.raceacrossamerica.org
This year we will be competing in the entire 3000 mile Race Across America.  With Hayley’s success we have been inspired to work towards the bigger picture.  Thus, we have teamed up with CureSearch for Children’s Cancer and are working hard to raise funds for childhood cancer awareness.  Below is a little bit of information about us and about our cause that I hope you will peruse and consider.  We are hosting a charity dinner, exclusively for CureSearch this coming Saturday, April 21.  While I know this is a very last minute invitation, prior to being around so many wonderful cyclists who can share the passion to work hard and raise money for a great cause, I had not considered sending this invitation to this group.  My sincerest apologies for the last minute notice.  If you are not able to attend, perhaps you may consider a donation to the cause or even an item that we may be able to use in the silent auction at the event.
Thank you all for the opportunity to be involved with such a great group of folks this past weekend.  I hope you will take the time to read some additional information I have included below and view the links for more information about us and our cause.  Also, there is an invitation attached for your quick reference.
Please view the video invitation to our charity dinner for CureSearch for Children’s Cancer by clicking here.



In 2010, the Hang Tough Hayley Hart team completed (and WON!) Race Across the West in efforts to raise funds and support for Hayley Hart as she was battling Leukemia.  Apparently, the boys didn’t quite get their “fill” of cycling in….so, here we are gearing up for Race Across America 2012 and praise the Lord, Hayley Hart has finished her chemo treatments and is doing extremely well!!  So, what exactly is the Hang Tough Hayley Hart team riding for this year?!?   This year, we find it appropriate that since our HTHH team is shooting for gold and winning RAAM, we are riding with the mission of raising awareness for Childhood Cancer.  Gold: The New Pink.   (www.goldthenewpink.net)  You’ve seen breast cancer pink ribbons everywhere…how often do you see gold ribbons?  Gold is the color of Childhood Cancer.

We are excited this year to step up to a bigger race and a bigger platform.  As we celebrate Hayley’s victory over cancer, we want to take it to the next level.  Non-profits in this area are focused primarily on AWARENESS.  “Increasing awareness is the first step to raising more advocacy and support for childhood cancer programs and research.”  Our goal as a team is to use this opportunity to spread the word about childhood cancers.  What a better way to spread the word than to pedal across the whole country, right?!    With awareness, usually comes support financially.  Donations and monetary gifts will simply be the added bonus to what is already a great cause!

  • American Cancer Society is the biggest money making machine for cancer research.  Not a penny of that has ever gone to researching pediatric cancers.
  • The National Cancer Institute’s annual budget is $4.6 billion.  Less than 3% of that goes to childhood cancer research.
  • Approximately 12,500 children and adolescents in the US are diagnosed with cancer every year.
  • 46/7–In the United States 46 children and adolescents will be diagnosed and 7 will die from a form of childhood cancer every single school day.

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP by sending the names (first & last) of your attendees and enclose a check payable to Team HTHH at $75.00 for each reserved seat OR contact Janelle Irwin directly to reserve your seat as the date is fast approaching.  I have also attached an RSVP card that you may print.  If you are not able to attend the event but would like to donate to the cause please feel free to mail a check for your chosen amount to the address below.  All proceeds and donations from this event will go directly to CureSearch for Children’s Cancer.
Gritz and Glitz
Team Hang Tough Hayley Hart
c/o Janelle Irwin
2220 Cedarbrook Ct
Tallahassee, FL 32303
Thank you so much for your support in helping to find a cure for childhood cancer!
To learn more about Team HTHH, our story, and our cause or to make a donation, please visit our website at www.teamhthh.com.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Janelle Irwin at (719)440-9858.
Kindest Regards,
Caldwell McCord

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