First Month of National Bike Challenge

The first month of the National Bike Month is over. Locally we now have 42 riders partipating, and in Florida the city of Tallahassee is placed second after Tampa. On our rear wheel though we have Gainesville and Orlando, waiting for their chance to overtake us. What is great to see is that FDOT placed first in workplaces for the month of May, not only in our local Capital City Challenge, but also in the state. Dick Rogers seems to like a challenge, as he is again the rider with the most points locally. For May he placed 39th (out of about 20000) in the nation, and 4th in Florida. The rider with the most points nationally is also from Florida. Amanda Coker rode an amazing 7600 miles in May. Mid May she finished a year of riding and set a new Guinness World record with 86573 miles in one year. She keeps going though, on the hunt for the 100,000 miles record. Incredible stuff. Talking about the national leaders, California just edged out Wisconsin for the best state. The top city (and this I would never have guessed) is Lincoln, Nebraska, while the top workplace by far is 3M (the main sponsor of the event). Top school: University of Nebraska, followed closely by Utah State.

Tell your friends and family to participate as well. You don’t have to ride much to be able to participate in the prize drawings each month, and each bike ride counts. Twenty points for each day you ride, and one point for each mile you ride. By riding often, you gather lots of points. Just sign up at  If you use the Strava app, or have your bike computer data sync with Strava (e.g. via Garmin Connect) the miles totals will automatically sync with the challenge. Also you can log your miles manually. Join and make your miles count!