City initiates a bike parking program

Bike Corral
One of the proposed designs for a bike corral on College Avenue

Sometimes it is hard to find a good parking space for your bike at businesses and parks around town. There’s not always a convenient traffic sign around, and trees are not very amenable to U-locks. While new construction in central Tallahassee ( the Multi-Modal Transportation District or MMTD ) is required to provide bike parking at a rate of 10% of car parking, existing businesses have no such requirement.  Therefor the city has decided to start a bicycle parking program.

There are two types of bike parking that are proposed: bike racks and bike corrals. The bike racks are black inverted Us with a City logo, and will be only be installed at city owned properties like parks and community centers, and in public right of way. Businesses interested in installing bike parking on private property can contact the city planning department for help with placement and design.  Also a “Bike Parking Guide” will be developed by the city/county planning department.  It is also proposed  bike racks and art can be combined with the installation of artists designed racks, similar to a very successful program in Toledo.

Bike corrals typically replace one parking space for cars with 10-16 parking spaces for bikes. A first proposed location is College Avenue, near Jasmin cafe, with additional locations along Gaines, All Saints, South Monroe, and Midtown.

The enthusiastic support by the mayor and commissioners at their March 26 meeting now make it possible to find funding sources for this program.