CCC Ride History Selection Page

INTRODUCTION: This is the starting page to present a history of TOSRV South, Spaghetti 100 and the one year only Tour de Big Bend ride events since 2002. Only the abbreviated Spaghetti 2003 event, for which there is no data, is missing. There are three views of this history: individual riders, riders having ridden eight or more events and all riders from a selected event. Each page has a link to return the viewer to this selection page.

To develop this information, yearly data was cleaned up and aggregated. Because first and last names often varied for the same person from year to year (e.g., Chuck, Charlie or Charles), names were updated to the one used most recently, and all punctuation, except for dashes, was removed for simplicity. If you find a problem with your name or an event that was missed or attributed to you that you didn't ride, please send a message to Marv Rubenstein with the correct information.

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