This Sunday: Cranksgiving

This Sunday Nov 19! This ride is sponsored by Joyride Bicycle Collective and Community Thrift Market, Supporting Tallahassee Action Grants, Inc..

They’ll be collecting food to be distributed to the Capital City Cyclists’ Meals on 2 Wheels clients and elderly low income folks at Miccosukee Hills Community and Westminster Gardens (formerly Georgia Belle Dickinson.)

Shooting to provide 100 seniors at least a week’s worth of food!

If you can’t ride, donate food! List your address on the event page and one of the racers will pick it up!

Come ride with us in the winter festival parade

Come join Capital City Cyclists long standing tradition with others in the Tallahassee cycling community by decorating your bicycle with lights, dress up in a festive costume (sorry No Santa’s) and ride along with us in Tallahassee’s Winter Festival Parade on December 2nd.
All bicycles welcome, all riders welcome!

The parade start is 7:15 pm.

  • No Santa costumes
  • Wear a helmet
  • Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult

We’ll ride slowly in circles in a large group

Website Update coming

A few of our members have reported problems loading our webpage, especially on their phones. That seems to be related to an outdated and not active maintained theme. So we’ll be changing that, which will give our website a new look, and which should make display much better on smaller devices and screens.  However, this will be an ongoing process and you might see some interruptions in the what will be accessible in the coming weeks. Just please bear with us, while we change our looks. You can help in different ways, but we’d appreciate if you have pictures of events or rides, or just some great cycling related shots.  Please email to:

Ready for the Spaghetti? Register Now!

Spaghetti 100

October 7 the Spaghetti 100 will take you along some beautiful rolling roads in north Florida and south Georgia. Either by riding or volunteering, you’ll be helping the Kids on Bikes program that is teaching our elementary school kids to ride bikes and ride them safely. For sign up and details see our Spaghetti 100 event page.

Spaghetti 100 Logo

July 15: CCC Bastille Day Ride(s) and Picnic

Saturday July 15th Capital City Cyclists celebrates the summer and Bastille Day with rides for all and a picnic.

It all will take place at the Wakulla Station along the St Marks trail from 8 to noon.

The schedule:

Rides start at 8:00 am.

    –   Water and Gatorade will be available.

 Suggested routes are:

   –  Wakulla Station to St Mark’s Lighthouse  (About 32 miles round trip.) or a route using the Natural Bridge Rd to the 59 (36 miles).

   –  Wakulla Station to the town of St Marks. (About 14 miles)

   –  Family rides on the St Mark’s trail. (Distance determined by family riders.)

   –  Off road rides at the Munson Hills Trail about 7 miles north of the Wakulla Station trailhead.


Post ride light fare starts at 10:00 am.

   –  The club is providing light summer snacks and cold drinks.

   –  Please bring your favorite summer brunch items to share.


In addition to access to the St Mark’s Trail, the Wakulla Station trailhead contains an excellent children’s playground. Members are encouraged to bring their families.  Children’s bicycles and tricycles are very welcome. If you have questions, please contact Garry Breedlove at

First Month of National Bike Challenge

The first month of the National Bike Month is over. Locally we now have 42 riders partipating, and in Florida the city of Tallahassee is placed second after Tampa. On our rear wheel though we have Gainesville and Orlando, waiting for their chance to overtake us. What is great to see is that FDOT placed first in workplaces for the month of May, not only in our local Capital City Challenge, but also in the state. Dick Rogers seems to like a challenge, as he is again the rider with the most points locally. For May he placed 39th (out of about 20000) in the nation, and 4th in Florida. The rider with the most points nationally is also from Florida. Amanda Coker rode an amazing 7600 miles in May. Mid May she finished a year of riding and set a new Guinness World record with 86573 miles in one year. She keeps going though, on the hunt for the 100,000 miles record. Incredible stuff. Talking about the national leaders, California just edged out Wisconsin for the best state. The top city (and this I would never have guessed) is Lincoln, Nebraska, while the top workplace by far is 3M (the main sponsor of the event). Top school: University of Nebraska, followed closely by Utah State.

Tell your friends and family to participate as well. You don’t have to ride much to be able to participate in the prize drawings each month, and each bike ride counts. Twenty points for each day you ride, and one point for each mile you ride. By riding often, you gather lots of points. Just sign up at  If you use the Strava app, or have your bike computer data sync with Strava (e.g. via Garmin Connect) the miles totals will automatically sync with the challenge. Also you can log your miles manually. Join and make your miles count!

Matthew Beard Memorial Ride to the Sea

Ride begins on the St. Marks Trail at the Wakulla Station Trailhead on December 10th, 2016 at 10am. The ride is FREE and is intended to allow all levels of cyclists to ride to show their support of victims and survivors of DUI drivers. Riders will have support along the way, including snacks and drinks. The ride follows the St. Marks Bike Trail to the St. Marks River Park in St. Marks, Florida. Here is where the river feeds into the Apalachacola Bay at the Gulf of Mexico — a beautiful area in a little sea oriented town. At the park, riders will be able to make a dedication to a loved one, and sign a pledge to be a designated driver and not drink and drive. Free t-shirts OR water bottles will be given to partipants. The total out and back ride distance is 14 miles. The ride is organized by the Florida State University Police Department with support from the Florida Department of Transportation. Email Major Jim Russell for more information at Helmets required – safety first! Please come out to make a statement that cyclists support DUI education and enforcement, to keep all of us safe!

Holiday Party and Annual Membership meeting!

The Capital City Cyclist will have their annual Holiday Party Dec 10th. Join us at 6:00 pm for an evening of fellowship, fun, and food at the home of Jim and Jane Ann Mann. Their address is:

3329 Nottingham Drive
Tallahassee, Florida

This is also our annual membership meeting featuring the election of your club’s officers for 2017.

Food and beverages will be provided by Capital City Cyclists. RSVPs are requested to

Cascade BikePed Bridge Opens

Many of us who have seen the construction stages of the Cascade Bike Ped bridge, have been impatiently waiting for this to be finished. It carried a pretty hefty price tag, almost as much as a few hundred yards of Capital Circle, but now we can enjoy passing over this unique bridge connecting Capital Cascade Park with FAMU Way, constituting a crucial section of the Capital Cascade Trail that will connect downtown Tallahassee to the city of St Marks with a continuous multi-use trail. For those that have not been on the bridge and on FAMU Way, you should certainly give it a try. And you will count, literally. There is an official bike and pedestrian counter on the bridge. You’ll see that the city and the Blueprint folks have not forgotten about bicycles. There’s 2 bike repair stations along the trail along FAMU Way, as well as some misters. Certainly a great addition to Tallahassee, which recently made the list of the 50 Best Bike Cities in Bicycling Magazine.