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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Next Sunday Group Ride

April 22, 9 am

New ride: Chaires-Waukeenah-Wacissa. Start from Chaires Community Center. See Event Calendar

Monthly Meeting

The upcoming board meeting is April 30 at noon in the downtown public library. All members are welcome to attend.

Find Us on Twitter

We are now also on Twitter! Follow us: @cccyclists

Kids on Bikes

Help us continue to make Tallahassee a great place for bicycling though our family and youth programs including Elementary school Education and Trips for Kids.

Welcome to Capital City Cyclists, a recreational bike club and bicycle advocacy organization for the Florida Capital region. 

A new (web) start

Our previous website ran into a major disaster with an irrecoverably corrupted wordpress database. So we are abandoning wordpress altogether, and we are starting fresh with this website hosted by clubexpress. We'll have much better security, and a largely automated online membership administration. It has other advantages, as we'll be able to manage events, event registration, and volunteers more easily as well. Also this new website will display better on smartphones and tablets. 

It does mean changes, especially in the way ride-groups are handled. We'll use forums as a way to communicate between the members of ride-groups, and will use the event calendar to post rides and other events. Overall we think it'll be a positive change and  a more functional website.

Especially in the beginning there will be somewhat of a learning curve, but we aim to bring more options and contents online over time. If you're interested in helping with that please let us know.

Red Light
Lights that don't turn green for you? Often the in-pavement detection loop does not detect you, either because the sensitivity is set too low, or you do not know where the sweetspot is for the loop to detect your rims. 
Put your frustration into a citizen complaint on DIgiTally. That'll help things to change!  Bicycle Detection