7/8/12: Annual Captial City Cyclists Bastille Day Ride & Picnic

The 2012 Bastille Day Event

  • Sunday, July 8th at the Piney-Z clubhouse
  • Rides start at 7:30am
  • Picnic start at 10:30am

Festivities will begin at 7:30 AM with a recreational road ride (click here to view the classic 25 miles Bastille Day route). Maps will be provided for those who wish to ride the longer route (35 miles). Note too, that the Piney Z area offers incredible off-road options including the Magnolia Trail, Cadillac Trail, Heritage Trail, and even access to Alford Arm.

The picnic will begin at 10:30 AM following the rides. The club will provide entree, drinks, plates, etc. Please bring a side dish, salad or dessert and this is the event to bring that special dish to share – that’s where the real food comes in! The food at CCC potluck events are incredible. Riding and eating are the prominent talents among Capital City Cyclists, followed closely by culinary skills.

There is a playground near the clubhouse and families are welcome to join for the picnic.

We hope to see you there and if you need more information contact CCC VP Jennifer Koch at 850-766-4734 or Jlkoch15@yahoo.com.


Directions to the Piney Z Clubhouse

Rides will start at the Piney-Z clubhouse located in the Piney-Z subdivision east of Conner Boulevard.
The Piney-Z subdivision is located between the Lincoln High walk-bridge that crosses Conner Boulevard and Apalachee Pakkway (Highway 27).
If you are coming from Capital Circle on Conner Boulevard, Piney-Z is just past the walk-bridge on your left.
If you are coming from Apalachee Pkwy on Conner Boulevard, Piney-Z is before the walk-bridge on your right. If you pass the walk-bridge, you’ve gone too far!
There are three entrances into Piney-Z from Conner Boulevard. Turn at the second entrance. This is Heritage Park Boulevard.
Proceed to the traffic circle. You will exit the circle to your left onto Piney-Z Plantation Road.
The clubhouse is located on your left, just after you exit the traffic circle. There is a playground next to the clubhouse.