3 Feet, Please — the No. 1 advocate

Joe Mizereck of Tallahassee is the leader is raising awareness about Florida’s law on the minimum — 3 Feet — drivers must give cyclists when passing.

First with his 3 Feet Please jerseys, then with his backpacks and Web site and now with his 3 Feet Please bumper stickers and PLEASE LOOK mirror stickers, Mizereck has done more than anyone to educate drivers about this responsibility.

Good thing — because the State of Florida passed the law and quickly forgot all about it — there has been no effort of any kind to make this law known, and no enforcement.

It falls to the cycling community to do this — and Joe Mizereck has done more than anyone.

Joe Mizereck and Amber McKee, the campaign coordinator for 3 Feet Please, tell members of the Leon County Commission of the need to get the word out about Florida’s 3 Feet law.

Joe’s latest work — an appearance before the Leon County Commission this week, explaining the 3 Feet Please law and his effort and requesting that Leon County put 3 Feet Please bumper stickers and PLEASE LOOK mirror stickers on all county vehicles.

Joe offered to provide the stickers for free — and he will do the same for any private company that has a vehicle fleet.

His request was well-received, and he expects to get the go-ahead from Leon County soon.

Hey, Joe — excellent work!

Visit Joe’s Web site at http://www.3feetplease.com/.