Leon County Helmet Certification Class – 9/30

What:  Become a Certified Helmet Fitter – Learn how to properly select and fit bike helmets, and teach bicycle helmet safety education to increase use and reduce bicycle related injury.

When: Monday, September 30th from 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Where: Florida Department of Transportation, Basement Conference Room, 605 Suwanee Street, Tallahassee, FL

Why:  According to Brain Injury Association, bicycle helmets are 88% effective in preventing serious brain injury. Yet fewer than half of the bicycle riders wear one, and teens almost never do. Reasons among infrequent and recreational cyclists for not wearing helmets include lack of social acceptability and belief that they are uncomfortably hot to wear in the summer. Experienced riders, particularly adults, cite their superior bicycling skill as one reason, among others, for not wearing helmets. Research has shown that comprehensive programs — provide helmets at a discount, teach the importance of their use, and include helmet use laws — are most likely to result in increased helmet usage.

  • Every dollar spent on a bike helmet saves society $30
  • Bicycle helmet safety education can increase helmet use and reduce bicycle-related deaths and injury
  • Learn how to properly select and fit bike helmets
  • Become a certified Bike Helmet Fitter, and make a difference

Register: E-Mail Sarita Taylor at sarita.taylor@dot.state.fl.us

Kearns Hiett – Star Volunteer!

by: Jack Tomassetti

Capital City Cyclists is a club of 500 members and its members volunteer a lot of time to help improve and change our local community.  These volunteers are the ones that support the big rides that CCC puts on such as Spaghetti 100 and TOSRV, they help run the Kids on Bikes program, changes Florida Laws, advocate for safer cycling and so much more.  These volunteers don’t do it for fame or money, they volunteer because they love cycling and want to share it with others.

I’d like to take a moment to recognize Kearns Heitt, an unsung hero that has gone beyond the call of duty and has really had an impact in the local community.  I first met Kearns at a volunteer packet stuffing party for the 2012 Bike Florida.  He was wearing a kilt!!  Kearns was very upbeat and friendly and made volunteering fun.

As I’ve become more involved with more of the activities that Capital City Cyclists are part of, my needs for volunteers has increased.  And every time I need volunteer help, Kearns is the first one to offer his help.  Kearns has volunteered at Spaghetti 100, TOSRV and Ride for Hope.  He is a ride leader for our Trips for Kids rides (we do 2 every other week) and he spends his free time repair the kids bicycles.  On top of all , he also leads a weekly beginner mountain bike ride every Thursday and introduce folks to mountain biking.  I’ve never met anyone more selfless than Kearns.

Kearns on a beginner mountain bike ride after a rain storm!

As part of Capital City Cyclists recognition of Kearns, we gave him a small gift and we relieved him of volunteer duties for the upcoming Spaghetti 100 by giving him a free entry for this year’s ride.  Thanks Kearns for all that you do!

Learn how you can be a super volunteer like Kearns by visiting our volunteer page: click here.

Bicycle Gear for Spaghetti 100

by Josh Bolick, The Great Bicycle Shop

Brady already did a great job letting you know how to prepare your body for this year’s Spaghetti 100, but there are a few other concerns as well, like your bicycle!

How is Your Bicycle Working?: Most bicycle shops will freely take a minute to put your bike in a repair stand and check it over. At The Great Bicycle Shop we inspect your rubber, squeeze the brakes, change the gears, look at wheel trueness and a few other important safety checks. If everything looks good, we’ll put air in your tires and lube your chain and send you on your way free of charge. However, we often find that some tuning is required or new parts that would help the bike perform better.  We make recommendations make your bike be the best machine it can be, because when your bike works well, you can enjoy your ride. Don’t wait until November 6th to bring your bicycle for a tune-up to your favorite local bicycle shop. They will be slammed trying to get everyone else ready for the weekend.  It is best to get your bicycle tuned up sooner rather than later.

Necessary Bicycle Gear: Don’t be that person who’s always bumming a tube or CO2; get a flat kit and know how to use it. Many riders like to use a bicycle computer of some sort to keep track of speed, distance and time. There are many basic computers that will tell you how far you’ve gone and how fast.  You may be able to find a smartphone app you like to.  For those looking for something more hitech,  there are amazing tools like the Garmin Edge series GPS devices that track speed and distance, plus heart rate, cadence, elevation, and more. Talk to someone who’s using a Garmin to track their progress, and you’ll find someone who’s enthusiastic about it and the data they can track.

  • Flat Kit:
    • Saddle Bag
    • CO2 Pump
    • CO2 cartridge
    • Tire Levers
    • Spare Tube
    • Tube Patches
  • Bicycle Computer


What to Wear: I hope I’m preaching to the choir here, but own and use good quality (padded) cycling shorts and jerseys. There are numerous benefits to good cycling clothing, which I’ve already written about at in this GBS Blog Post. Read the post and consider getting yourself kitted in
Cycling Jerseygood cycling clothing. Plus, as I stated in the article, “when you are comfortable and look good, you’re going to feel good and ride better.” Given the later date of the ride this year, November 9th, there’s a chance that you might want arm warmers or knee warmers to knock the chill off in the morning. That’s something you’ll be able to assess when we get closer to the weekend of the ride and have a reliable forecast. Two words: chamois cream; read what we have to say about that here.  Finally, check the date on the sticker on the inside of your helmet; if it’s older than 2008, it’s time for a new skull bucket per industry and manufacturer standards.

  • Cycling Shorts
  • Chamois Cream
  • Helmet (check the date on your helmet!)



Fuel Your Engine: the nice folks at Science of Speed might be better equipped to answer questions here, and I do not claim to be a nutritional expert, but some of the principles are simple. 100 miles is a long way to ride your bike and you’re going to burn a lot of calories doing it; it’s important to replace those calories, lest ye bonk (I’ve been there; it sucks). Most endurance athletes have a mix of tricks and products that get them through hard efforts. Drink a lot of water in the days before the ride. Throw a couple Gu Gels or whatever you like in your jersey pocket so you’re not totally dependent on the (quite excellent) water and food stations provided by CCC. I like electrolyte replacements like those by Gu and Scratch Labs. I do not like the more popular sports drinks like those available at most grocery stores and convenience markets because of their super-high sugar content. But that’s just me. I know a guy who ate a McDonald’s cheeseburger and drank a can of Coke during the transition from bike to run in an Ironman, and he swore that he felt like a new man afterwards. To me, that sounds horrible, but everybody is different. Best to try different things and figure out what works for you. Never eat or drink anything on event day that you haven’t been consuming during your training because you don’t know how your stomach and body will respond. Most importantly, eagerly anticipate that big delicious pasta dinner waiting for you at the community center, and all those friendly smiling faces of the folks serving it.


I hope this helps. Visit your favorite local bicycle shop and chat with the staff about your needs and concerns and let them show you some things that could help you enjoy your training and ride. Maybe you don’t need anything at all, but it’s good to learn from people who spend time studying this stuff. Plus, we actually enjoy answering your questions, believe it or not. See you on the ride, if not before.

The Great Bicycle Shop has two locations, at 1909 Thomasville Rd. and 3624 Woodville Hwy. GBS is also available on Facebook, Twitter (@greatbicycle), and WordPress. For more information visit www.greatbicycle.com.

Orange Avenue Bridge over St Marks trail to be replaced in summer of 2014

Bridge over ST Marks trail

Limited to 15 ton vehicles since May of this year, the bridge over the St Marks trail at Orange Avenue is in a bad enough state for an accelerated replacement. Not much of a surprise to those of us that ride under it:  the combination of wooden pilings and termite mounds doesn’t seem a good sign. As firetrucks now are forced to make a large detour, it also affects the emergency response times for some neighborhoods.

At the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency board meeting Sept 16th, the Florida Department of Transportation proposed a very fast replacement with concrete block piling and prefabricated concrete slabs, during the 2014 school summer break, essentially aiming to get it done in 9 weeks starting June 2nd 2014. Both Orange Avenue and the St Marks trail will be closed during that time, and the trail probably being closed there from mid May to the beginning of September. The resurfacing of Orange Avenue that was planned for this fall will be postponed until next year.

The bridge design includes two 12′ traffic lanes, 4′ bike lanes, and a sidewalk on the south side. It will still stay a bridge. Proposals for eliminating the bridge with an at level crossing, a bicycle/pedestrian tunnel, or a bike-ped overpass had been eliminated already. The passage will be slightly more tunnel-like in comparison with the current configuration, as the passage under Orange Ave will be longer, narrower, and lower. In spite of that, with the addition of bikelanes on Orange, this is probably the best achievable outcome for cyclists. This part of the trail will be more heavily used in the future with the connection to the Capital Cascade Trail and the downtown area, and (hopefully) a connection to the FSU campus and the northern part of the St Marks trail to Ocala Rd. What is still missing is a way to get to the trail from Orange Avenue.            – Hans van Tol-

FSC #1 – Tom Brown Park 9/14-15

Tallahassee is playing host to the season opener of the 2013 Florida State Championship Series at Tom Brown Park on September 14-15.  The annual mountain bike race draws hundreds of mountain bike racers throughout the state and is the largest mountain bike race in Tallahassee.  Saturday will start of with an individual time trial where racers will complete 1 lap of the cross country course.  The fastest person around the course will win $125 for their efforts with 2nd and 3rd getting $100 and $50 respectfully.

Sunday, the cross country races start off with junior races kicking off at 8:30am.  The expert and sport category racers are next starting at 9am racing for 24 miles and 18 miles.  The base and novice riders round off the day starting at 11:00am completing 12 and 6 miles of the course.

Be on the watch out for local Tallahassee racers to dominate the top end of the podium with the home field advantage.  Team Guardian Automotive was highly competitive earlier this year in the Georgia State Series with Darien Angelier, Jim Singleton and  Brent Scarbin.

Event Website

Race Schedule

Time Trial Registration

Cross Country Registration 

Training Tips for Spaghetti 100

Training Tips and Advice for Spaghetti 100
By: Brady Irwin, Science of Speed

Making the most of your limited time is one of the things our Science of Speed coaches know a great deal about.  Each of us works hard, we all want to be the best that we possibly can be with the limited time available and many of us do this while balancing family life.  Sound familiar?  Not only, as coaches, do we know the demands personally but we understand the science and physiology behind the responses of the body and have helped endless numbers of athletes reach or exceed their goals with this knowledge.

You might be at a loss for what to do and because of that we want to help you make the most of this years’ Spaghetti 100.  To do that here are a couple of tips to help you make the most of your limited time:

  1. Set a Goal- Decide which distance you want to do and decide a goal that will not only be realistic but will push your ability level a bit.  This could be a longer distance than you feel capable of or a finishing time either way this will help to motivate you to get on your bike.

  2. Make a Plan– Many athletes go out from one day to the next and don’t have a structured plan to deal with.  With so many of us being type A personalities this is counter intuitive to the rest of our lives.  We make lists, schedule appointments and have structured days where we know what to expect.  Just like your average day make an average week of training.  If you don’t feel you have the expertise we have made structured training plans leading up to your event.  Click here to view training plans.

  3. Get Rid of the Gray– Often as athletes our idea of making the most of the time we have available is going out and riding an hour as hard as we can.  This is hard and usually moderate intensity, however, having an interval workout in an hour ride and pushing your body harder during certain set periods results in greater adaptation.  Here is an example.

  4. Ride a Realistic Distance– Simply because you will be riding 100km or 100miles does not mean you have to do that distance before your event.  You should get within a realistic range dependent upon your goals but you don’t necessarily need to ride the distance before event day.  If you question what you should do contact us at athletehelp@scienceofspeed.org with your background and we will help you decide your distance.

No matter the training plan you use the most important thing is to remember to be flexible.  Life can change in an instant and adaptation to that change is what makes training successful.  Just because you have 3 months of training planned does not mean it might not have to be altered 4-6 weeks from now.  Have fun, train smart and ride safe!  Interested in learning more?  Register for our Spaghetti 100 Training Tips e-mail series, that will include nutritional information, more in depth training tips and what to expect on event day.

Register for Free Spaghetti 100 Training Tips E-mail Series

View 100 Mile Static Training Plan

View 100km/Dirt Static Training Plan

Contact Brady about Personalized Coaching Plans

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Brady Irwin is the owner and coach of Science of Speed in Tallahassee, FL where he specializes in endurance sports coaching for biking, running, triathlon and motorsports, lactate threshold and VO2 Max testing and Retul 3D Bicycle Fits.  Brady has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and has been coaching since 2004, including working with the U23 Colombia es Pasion Team and Amazing Race Host Phil Keoghan.

Capital City to the Sea Trails – Public Workshops – Stay Involved!

Capital City to the Sea Trails is having a second round of Public Workshops! The first set of Public Workshops sought initial community input on routes and destinations, amenities, marketing, and policy regarding the trails system. After considering the input and information received up to this point, we now invite the communities to come help develop draft phasing and alternatives for the Capital City to the Sea Trails network and continue to be a part of the Master Plan process!

Public Workshops Locations

Leon County
September 19, 2013 at 6:00 PM
Jack McLean Community Center
700 Paul Russell Road
Tallahassee, FL 32301
FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/144651005743978/?ref=22

Wakulla County
September 26th, 2013 at 6:00 PM
Wakulla County Commission Chambers
29 Arran Road
Crawfordville, FL 32327
FB Event:https://www.facebook.com/events/583017858411470/?ref=22

For more information, please download the Public Workshop Flyer.

Informational Flyer for the Upcoming Public Workshop

Informational Flyer for the Upcoming Public Workshop

Throwback Thursday: 2007 Newsletter & Pictures of Spaghetti 100

by: Jack Tomassetti

Here are 2 great not so old pictures of the Spaghetti 100 back in 2007.  The first picture is the start of the Spaghetti 100 at the Miccosukee Community Center.  The second picture is the lunch stop at Boston, Ga where Red Beans & Rice was served.  I believe the lunch menu has changed since then.  The other surprising thing I noticed in this page of the 2007 fall newsletter is that Brook Pace was the down and dirty off-road coordinator!?!  I’ve forever known her as Miss Tallahassee Triathlete, maybe she will challenge reigning female Tallahassee World Dirt Champ Danielle Marrero…