April Board Meeting Moved to April 4th (4/4/2013)

The monthly board meeting for Capital City Cyclists monthly meeting for April 2013 has been moved from the second Thursday of the month to Thursday April 4th. The change was made to accommodate prep time for this years TOSRV starting on April 20th.

Location is still scheduled to be MoMo’s north.

Zach Finn
CCC President

TOSRV: 5 Reasons to Camp at Chehaw Park

  1. It is Free! – Yup, camping at Chehaw Park is included in your TOSRV registration, and your wallet is $80 happier from the money you saved from getting a hotel.  Both indoor and outdoor camping is available, and there is plenty of shower options for after the ride.

  2. Party like an Animal – Chehaw park is the official finish to Day 1 of TOSRV and the start to Day 2.  Dinner and drinks will be served here, along with some entertainment.  Trust me, this is the place to be after a long adventurous ride with your companions.

  3. Party with the Animals – The Wild Animal Park boasts over 212 specimens, representing 55 species of wild animals. Exhibits include African black rhino, American bald eagle, lemurs, meerkats, zebras, cheetahs and many more. Enjoy all of the exhibits Chehaw has to offer as you stroll through the scenic boardwalks and cypress swamp.

  4. More Biking! – Chehaw Park is home to 7.8 miles of singletrack mountain bike trails.  Plus they have a NBL certified BMX Racing Track that is open to the public.  Trail Maps: http://www.chehaw.org/PDF/ChehawBikeTrails.pdf

  5. It is for the Kids! – TOSRV is a fundraising event for all the programs that Capital City Cyclists run, including the Kids on Bikes program where we teach over 3,000 elementary kids bicycle safety skills and drills and take over 200 disadvantage kids out mountain biking!  Be sure to sign up today at http://www.cccyclists.org/tosrv/

TOSRV DIRT: A Preview of an Epic Adventure

TOSRV DIRT: A Preview of an Epic Adventure
By: Jack Tomassetti

New for 2013 is an adventure on your bike unlike any other you have been on, and it will be on dirt roads.  Capital City Cyclists is introducing a new ride option for TOSRV South this year that is 2 days of approximately 75 miles of dirt road riding from Cairo, Ga to Albany, Ga and back dubbed TOSRV Dirt.

With every new ride option, careful meticulous planning takes places to ensure the course is safe and logistics of rest stops are all planned accordingly.  TOSRV Dirt was initially mapped out with the help of long-time CCC member Jim Smart utilizing Georgia D.O.T. maps that marked dirt roads.  With an outline of the new route marked out, the next step is making sure the road on this new route exist and doesn’t lead to dead ends.

I’ve had to the pleasure of helping TOSRV Ride Director Paul McManus pre-drive the course on 2 occasions now.  The first was on a beautiful day last November  shortly after the Spaghetti 100.  We drove out to Cairo and started all our high-tech mapping programs including a heavy duty GPS, a smartphone that mapped and streamed the internet to a large touch screen tablet with a map.  We started off and immediately got lost (my fault!).  We turned around and got back on route wrote down every turn, stop sign and rabid dog along the way in addition to tracking our route via GPS.

I was drooling that day wishing I could be on my bike pre-riding the course instead of pre-driving.  It was a warm, sunny day and we saw some really amazing things.  The most memorable was the acres of cotton fields that made everything look like soon and the small dirt road through the pecan tree grove.

We did hit lots of dead end roads, make lots of wrong turns, killed the battery on Paul’s truck, and ate some really good chicken tenders from some podunk gas station in Sale City, but we did it to make sure TOSRV Dirt would be a great course.

Paul fixed up the course from all the dead ends we hit and talked me into pre-driving the course again.  This time in my minivan and with Bike Eat Shop Tallahassee’s Karen Loewen.  The day we picked to pre-drive the course was arguably one of the wettest days in February, but with our busy schedules, it was the only time we had to do it.  Paul was excited to see how the dirt course held up in the bad weather.  I however, was nervous about what my folks would think about me taking the minivan mudding through the backwoods of Georgia.

In our pre-drive of the course, we drove through shin deep water, under fallen trees with almost no clearance and slipped and slid across the course.  Poor Karen was in the back holding onto her dear life, but we survived the hurricane like weather with my nascar driving skills.  The dirt course held up really well in the wet conditions, and we nailed down the course with no dead ends.  The three of us left super excited about the new TOSRV dirt course and the adventure it will bring.

Be sure to sign up at www.cccyclists.org/tosrv/ and do the ride on April 20-21, 2013.

17th Annual Tour de Ranch

Click Here to Register for
Tour de Ranch

Hammer Down Multisport is proud to present the 17th Annual Tour de Ranch ride through the rolling hills of beautiful Northwest Florida. This year we have four ride distances: the GranFondo Century, MedioFondo Metric Century,  the 25 mile PiccoloFondo, and new for 2013 DirtyFondo Metric Century. Rest stops will be fully stocked with plenty of fresh fruit, snacks, PB & J, water and sports drink. SAG support for GranFondo, DirtyFondo and MedioFondo will be provided.

Ride hard and come back hungry! After a fun filled day of riding, participants will enjoy the areas best Pulled Pork BBQ sandwiches and other tasty goodness!!

This event will be timed by Warrior Racing. Compare your time with friends!

New for 2013: Special awards will be given for the Strava King & Queen of the Hill Segment, Overall King & Queen of the GranFondo, and Overall King & Queen of the Dirty Fondo

Event is on March 23rd. Start times are listed below:

GranFondo and DirtyFondo ride will start at 8am CST.
MedioFondo at 8:10am CST.
PiccoloFondo ride at 8:15am CST.

Please arrive by no later than 7:00am CST for timing chip pick-up. Walk-up registration will start at 6:30 am.


March 22nd, 2013 From 4 PM to 7 PM CST at Freedom Sports

Vernon Elementary School – Start and Registration Location
3665 Roche Avenue
Vernon, Florida

Trips for Kids: We Need Volunteers!

With the time change over the weekend and more daylight in the evenings, we are going to start the Trips for Kids mountain bike rides back up at Munson Hills Trails, meeting every other week on Wednesday or Thursday evenings (5pm-7pm) and Saturday afternoons (2pm-4pm).

Trips For Kids® provides the materials, moral support and inspiration that an individual or group needs to help disadvantaged kids discover the joy of mountain biking (off-road cycling).   This year we will be working with the The Boys and Girls Club of the Big Bend, Palmer Munroe Teen Center and Boys Town North Florida to reach over 150 kids and share with them the fun and excitement of cycling.

With all these kids, we need a lot of help from volunteers like yourself to help chaperone the kids and ride with them (yes, you get to volunteer by riding your bike!).  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact  Kids on Bikes Director, Jack Tomassetti at jack@cccyclists.org and let him know which days work best for you!

If you are unable to help volunteer, consider making a donation to the Kids on Bikes program.  Your donation will be used to help with the upkeep and maintenance of the bicycles, warehouse and keep kids riding bicycles.  Please send a check to:

Capital City Cyclists
P.O. Box 4222
Tallahassee, FL 32315

Thanks for your help and support!

Phipps Park Invasive Plant Education

SUNDAY, 17th March: Phipps Park Invasive Plant Education/Volunteer Program, #4

Want great outdoor exercise, education and an opportunity to “give back” by helping to rid a beautiful Tallahassee park of its invasive plants at the same time? Please join this event, one of a series organized by the Florida Trail Association (FTA) and the Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) at Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park. The activity begins at 9:30am at the Meridian trailhead, ends ~12:30. Enter the park directly from Meridian Rd at the entrance for baseball fields; the trailhead is located on left about ¼ mile in from Meridian Rd.http://www.talgov.com/Uploads/Public/Documents/parks/pdf/phipps.pdf

Lunch is provided. Bring a friend! Also bring water, bug spray, work gloves, and wear shoes appropriate for hiking. Some tools will be provided, but please bring a clipper and/or a shovel (pointed type is best), and/or root jack, if you own them. No pets, please. Note: this event is not appropriate if you are severely allergic to poison ivy.  IvyBlock barrier cream will be provided.

Contacts:  Karen Berkley (850) 570-5740kjberkley@gmail.com; or Mike Jenkins (850) 766-5716fnpsmagnoliach@gmail.com; or Linda Patton (850) 668-4334lpatton@fsu.edu ; or Chuck Goodheart, (850) 933-6631Charles.Goodheart@talgov.com

Ride 2 Recovery – 200 cyclists coming into Tallahassee Friday 3/8/13

This Friday, March 8, Ride 2 Recovery, a national veterans organization that sponsors cycling events designed to aid combat-wounded veterans in overcoming the obstacles they face, will be making a brief FSU-campus visit. A group of approximately 200 wounded warriors will be completing their six-day Gulf Coast Challenge at the Unconquered Statue on Langford Green at 2:00 pm.

This will be the final leg of the Ride 2 Recovery “Gulf Coast Challenge”. The riders started out from New Orleans on March 2nd, and are making the final leg of the ride from Panama City to Tallahassee.  They are riding in on Pensacola Street, and are supposed to be passing by the FSU campus between 1:30 and 2:30 pm, on their way to the State Capital.

Participants in the “Gulf Coast Challenge” raise funds and awareness for the Ride 2 Recovery mission: “To improve the health and wellness of injured veterans by providing rehabilitation through cycling”.

If your schedule allows, please stop by and congratulate these disabled veterans while photos are being taken at the statue from 2:00 to 2:30. All are invited.

Thank you for your support of all who have sacrificed in service to our country.

“Urban Gorilla” Super Bowl Bicycle Ride Promotes Tallahassee’s Great Bicycling Lifestyle

By: Joe Barnett
Special for the Chronicle


Sixty cyclists from all directions gathered on the steps of city hall for the 10th annual “Urban Gorilla” Super Bowl Bicycle Ride. Some came to discover new trails. Some came for exercise. Some came for camaraderie. Neil Dimacali said he “concocted” this great ride to show that our network of parks and trails could serve to get people bicycle commuting safely around “Trailahassee”.


The city was beautifully “car free” quite at 9AM. Then someone yelled “It’s time” and our bicycle caravan rolled down oak-tree lined Park Street.  We turned left onto Belmont Street and right onto Glenway Drive to beautiful Fern Trail hidden at the end of the street. A thick forest quickly hid the now 70 cyclists as we “single tracked” along a steep banked stream of clear water that passed the last pristine section of Cross Creek, with its cave like stream bed and remnant old growth forest.
First time “Urban Gorilla” riders are always surprised how Fern Trail seems to “pop up” into the Tom Brown Park forest without crossing any streets! One rider said “I’ve lived in Tallahassee a long time but I discovered places I didn’t know existed”.  Capital City Cyclist President, Zach Finn, a former mountain bike racer said our trails are as good as anywhere in the USA. Deborah Desilets from Miami was in town to promote her architect book “The Architecture of Joy”.  Her comment for the day was “But WOW, What a ride!”


I luckily found myself riding with Chuck Goodheart, the city’s “trail planner”.   He answered question after question, until he somehow disappeared and I was lost from the now 85 other cyclists!  It turned out they were turning off the trail to “Brent’s house” for a patio party at the 20 mile rest point.

Looking out over beautiful Piney Z, I saw the trail to the 800+ acres of J.R. Alford Arm Park. There I found Kearns Heitt, who claimed fame as “one of about 6” riders actually born in Tallahassee.  Soon Brian Pierce, husband of popular Chiles High Environmental Studies teacher called “Ms. BP” pulled up next to us.


After waiting for the others to catch up we continued our journey through peaceful neighborhoods and bike lanes to the Miccosukee Greenway.  A short “street” ride across Capital Circle took us to paved Goose Pond Trail that ended near Thomasville Road. At Market Square we supported “local businesses” for lunch.  I learned many cyclists were also eating at Cody’s Original Road House.

Neil Dimacali pauses on Cadillac Trail overlooking beautiful Lakes of Tom Brown Park


After lunch I followed a couple riders behind Higher Ground bike shop to the “power lines” double tract trail leading to Phipps Park. This is a very “casual” bike ride.  Cyclists were now scattered all over Tallahassee on trails such as “Magnolia” and “Cadillac” at Tom Brown Park, “Silk” and “Cambodia” at Lake Overstreet,  and recently improved “Red Bud” at Forest Meadows.


I miraculously found my car poolers, Randy Baker and Vincent Garcia.  They led me through the “Live Oak Plantation Loop” trail, bike lanes, more trails and neighborhoods back to City Hall.  Some riders had rested on Fred Dietrich’s front yard but now many were celebrating at downtown Backwoods Bistro.  They had proved it was possible to ride 50-60 miles through Tallahassee with almost no street riding!


Tallahassee is quickly becoming a big time bicycling destination.  A few years ago a Canadian racing team scouted us out as a possible winter training area. Unfortunately a couple dangerous drivers scared them away. But times are changing. Our commissioners have worked hard to earn the League of American Cyclists “bronze award” for bicycle friendly efforts.


Tallahassee officially has “America’s Best” parks.  Bike lanes now extend all over Tallahassee. North of Tallahassee are America’s last best Long Leaf pine forests.  Southwest we have over 500,000 acres of Apalachicola national forest. The St Mark’s National Wildlife refuge is Southeast of town. Wakulla Springs is one of the world’s largest! The Nature Conservancy says we are one of America’s five “biologic hot spots”. We live in an outdoor paradise.


The Capital City Cyclists website has nearly 50 bicycle maps and dozens of free group rides listed. We have mountain bike, cyclocross and college racers, the holiday “paraders”, bike commuters, touring cyclists, polo playing cyclists, slow and fast cyclists. For only $15/year you get discounts at bicycle shops and events like the April 20-21 “Tour of Scenic Rural Vistas” and the fall “Spaghetti 100”.  These rides support “Kids on Bikes” and other fun efforts to make Tallahassee healthier, happier, and safer!

Seminole Cycling Classic 2013 – Race Report

The local weather man predicted monsoon-like rain storms for FSU Cycling’s Seminole Cycling Classic in Monticello, Florida.  That didn’t stop team from all over the southeast to make the trip to Florida for the second collegiate race of the season and the first year that the Seminole Cycling Classic opened up to category as part of the Florida Ranking Series.  Even Solymar Riveria-Torres flew in to represent the new University of Puerto Rico team in their first collegiate race.

As usual, the weather man got it wrong and the road races took off relatively dry.  In the Men’s A race, a breakaway group rode away with the race and Clemson’s Alex Kellum won the sprint for the win.  Current conference leader and owner of the JAKROO leader’s jersey Rebecca Whitsitt worked over a large women’s field to win from a 8 woman breakaway late in the Women’s A race.


The Category races saw a lot of Tallahasse racers on the top spot of the podium.  In the 50+ Category, Randall Smith attempted to do a solo breakaway, however Tallahassee’s Tom Gillis from Gulf Coast Velo unleashed his mighty sprint to win the 50+ category in another late race breakaway.  John Brizzard, Bikes Plus Racing, won the Men’s 1-2 race ahead of Roly Hernandez and Kent Lofton.  Gulf Coast Velo swept the podium in the Masters 35+ race with Donny Authore taking the win over Aaron Guyer and Geoff Schaefer.  Another Tallahassee racer, Trevor Marshall out sprinted Jamey Thompson in the Cat 3/4 race.  And Brent Scarbin took an easy win the Cat 5 race.   Spaghetti 100 dirt Champion, Danielle Marrero won the Women’s race ahead of Whitsitt.


Chris Mojock & Graham Gillis driving the pace in the Mens 3-4 Crit


Rain finally started to come in during the time trials.  The University of Florida won the Men’s Team Time-Trial by 11 seconds over Cumberland University, while the King College Women edged out the Lees-McRae Women by a close 9 seconds on the 7 mile course.  Men’s conference leader and JAKROO jersey holder Spencer Oswald of Lees-McRae won an incredible ITT with the fastest time of the day (even among the teams) after racing in the Lees-McRae Team Time Trial 30 minutes earlier.  Kira Miacke of the University of Georgia won the Women’s ITT.


Sunny weather resumed for the Monticello Downtown crit.  Lees-McRae, University of Florida and Cumberland pushed the pace in the Men’s A crit to form a good size breakaway.  Zac Felpel won the final sprint and took home another win for Lees-McRae.  Kate Ross of King College won the bunch sprint in the Women’s A crit.


“Big Rig” Randall Smith succeed on his solo breakaway in the 50+ crit with Gillis taking the bunch sprint for second.  Jimmy Page rocked the Men’s 1-2 Crit in a late race breakaway.  Velobrew’s Drew Miller took the win in a 2 man breakaway with Authore in the Masters 35+ race.  Daniel Vu won the Men’s 3-4 race.  And Jason Wolfe got 1st place in the Men’s 5 race ahead of Scarbin.  15 year old Abigail Aldridge from PCP Race team took the win in the women’s race.


 Tallahassee’s new RedEye Junior Cycling Team participated in their first race with Brian Sciba, Conner Everett and Eric McNees.