Franklin Boulevard will have bikelanes!

Franklin Boulevard is about to be under construction… With the installation of the underground culvert, which has to be completed before the summer 2012, one of the one-way pairs will be completely torn up, which has brough up the question: “What should be put back?”

Since the city and county commisioners met in September at the Blueprint2000 Intergovernmental Agency (IA) meeting, a lot has happened. At that September meeting two CBC members and one Franklin neighborhood representative spoke in favor of reducing the number of lanes to make room for pedestrians and cyclists. This idea was well received by the commissioners and the Blueprint staff started working on a plans for such a 2-lane alternative. At the Oct 27th Blueprint2000 Public meeting three alternatives were presented. Alternative A. Alternative B, and Alternative C. Alternative C proposes a reduction of the number of travel lanes from 4 to 2, and has bikelanes as well as a sidewalk on one side and a 10′ wide path on the other. The CBC strongly supported this option C, as did most of the meeting participants, with option C receiving a large majority of the votes. At the special IA meeting in early november the commissioners unanimously approved that option. This is a great win for the community!