Meals on 2 Wheels Q1

Biking Chef
Yesterday was the 12th Meals on 2Wheels delivery (13, if you count the beta test on 1/25). We have not missed a Wed morning since the start on Feb 1, 2012. We had a couple of mornings when rain threatened, including yesterday (4/18) when we actually got sprinkled on. The upside of those weather-threatening days is, we set speed records for completing the delivery. The downside is, we don’t spend any chit/chat time with the clients, but they know us now and definitely “get” that we need to hurry due to weather. Here are some more details on things we have learned and accomplished over the first three months of Mo2W.

Client List Evolution

Our “clients” are the folks we actually deliver meals to. This is what Mo2W is all about. Our list has evolved, and the data for that exposes the human story of aging in America. We added two clients during this quarter, one who moved into our “service area” and another who returned from a stay in a rehab facility. When our lady moved back from rehab, she was so happy to be back in her home and is clearly worried that she might not be able to stay there. Home, no matter how modest, is infinitely preferable to a “facility”. Everybody knows this. Most of us have learned this through some personal experiences with family or friends or neighbors.  The rest of  us will learn it that way sometime in the future.

We also lost two clients. Reverend Bishop J B Beckwith, age 99, passed on March 21, 2012. He and his wife were both clients. Ms Beckwith is still in mourning, but hanging in there physically.

Caleb Hanna, Jr, 95, left us for Hospice in late March and passed away on April 4, 2012. Mr Hannah had been blind since I knew him.

It is sad to have these senior citizens leave us. It is poignant to realize that Meals on (2 or 4) Wheels helped allow these kind, good-hearted people to remain in their homes while they were alive.

Logo by artist Bill Otersen

We are extremely grateful to Bill Otersen for designing our Mo2W logo. The Biking Chef is cool. He is showing the world that you can use bikes for utilitarian purposes and enjoy the journey while maintaining your health and being a part of your environment instead of observing from inside a rolling terrarium. Thank you so much, Bill. I hope the logo catches on in other places around the country.

Who Dat

Here are the people who have participated in Mo2W so far:

Alvin Farrar

Chris Lacher [dat’s me]

Mike Redig

Marv Rubenstein

Dave Stotts

Josh Valentine

Al Farrar is the only person besides myself to have made every single delivery during Mo2W’s brief existence. Al is a trooper. Marv Rubenstein and Mike Redig have made quite a few deliveries as well. Dave Stotts rode with us in preparation for his column on Mo2W – more on that below. Josh Valentine joined us for the first time on 4/18. He is a member of the FSU cycling team and an avid all-round cyclists, also informally associated with Bicycle House Tallahassee, a non-profit community bike shop. Josh will be in Spain this summer, but is planning on starting up a Mo2W route supported by FSU Cycling.

Dave Stotts Column

Dave is our Tallahassee Democrat Bicycle Sports columnist. He rode with Mo2W and devoted a good portion of his April 6, 2012, column to Mo2W. I would like to post a link to this column, but it doesn’t seem feasible. If you are a Democrat subscriber, you can find it in the Friday April 6 edition. This column was a surprise. Dave normally writes about racing. He took that day off of racing for a human interest column. Thanks Dave!

FSU Cycling

We made a brief presentation to FSU Cycling on March 29, at the invitation of president Greg Buker. Our basic pitch to them is that Mo2W would be a great way for them to integrate public service with cycling. Public service is a big deal at FSU, and is one of the components many students use to earn their Garnet & Gold Honor Society honors at graduation. Josh Valentine was there and is enthusiastic about the prospects.

Immediate Future

We will be starting an every-other-Thursday delivery on 4/26, just in time for Bike Month. Karen Loewen has been eager to join us but is tied up on Wednesdays at work. Karen will help inaugurate the Thursday run and will likely become the ride leader for that route. A second trailer that can be dedicated to this group has been donated by Krank It Up, a community bicycle project.

Standing Invitation

All members of Capital City Cyclists are invited to join Mo2W. If you can commit to one morning per month riding as a public servant, please sign up. Drop me an email. If you are not a member of CCC, please consider joining, but also note that Mo2W needs volunteer riders in any case. “Call Me.”